ProductMatchr's goals are pretty straightforward. We aim to save you time, save you money, and help you to look and feel great. In a world that gets faster paced with each day, and with more options becoming available by the minute, we think that everyone could use an assistant to help them find products and deals that are relevant to them. No longer do you have to click through pages of irrelevant results on countless websites just to find a shirt that's not in your size or out of stock. The items you see listed for you on ProductMatchr are being pulled from what's in stock in those stores automatically and they're already curated to your size.

We have a million ideas on how we can make the internet easier for you, so we hope you will grow with us as we roll out our vision, one feature at a time.

Your Data is Your Data

Unlike most other companies, we do not view you or your data as a commodity. We believe that trustworthiness and integrity are the most important characteristics a company can have and we aim to be a leader in these areas. Your clothing and shoes sizes, along with any other data that you provide so that we can make better matches for you, will never, ever be sold or provided to any other group.

Our Team



Matchr is our friendly robot assistant and mascot. He is an extremely helpful little fella who only cares about one thing: finding you the clothing and shoes that you will love! If you tell him a little about yourself, he will get right to work trying to find the things that suit you best. He is an avid learner so he may ask you questions from time to time to figure out how to make you happiest! Unlike some other bots associated with gigantic tech companies, Matchr doesn’t follow you around the web and find sneaky ways of learning about you. He only knows what you tell him, and he is trustworthy, so give him some info and see what he finds for you.

Kevin Truong

Kevin Truong Looking Fly

Kevin is a “why not?” person. He’s the kind of guy who jumps in the pool before he knows how to swim because he’s confident he’ll figure it out. If you show him a problem, he doesn't just think about a solution, he starts creating one immediately. Kevin is a kind, patient, growth minded web-developer with a knack for coming up with unorthodox (and sometimes funny ☺) entrepreneurial ventures. We are honored to work with someone who thinks big and consistently creates solutions to get us from where we are to that crazy new place we want to be.

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan Speaking

Andrew is our idea person. He is a purpose driven individual and strives to be of service in any way he can. He originally moved to New Orleans to be a volunteer for two years following Hurricane Katrina. While in graduate school at Tulane University, Andrew co-founded SHRI (Y-Combinator 2016), and moved on to form BeneFit before hatching the concept behind ProductMatchr. We love working alongside Andrew because he inspires us to do our best work and is capable of balancing the right amount of silly while seriously getting things done. When he’s not working on ProductMatchr, Andrew is probably playing, watching, or thinking about baseball.